How to pick your cordless impact wrench

Getting new tools can be as exciting as it can be overwhelming. Among the many brands in the market, there are thousands of sets with many little differences that can definitely be hard to distinguish and make choices harder than they need to be. There are at least a dozen tools that anyone who is enthusiastic enough about fixing things and doing their own repairs should own, but among them, a wrench is easily one of the most essential.

There are many types of wrenches, and among them, cordless impact wrenches are some of the most specialized and useful under certain conditions. Being this specific kind of tool, you need to make sure you know what you are getting before actually spending any money. That being said, doing your research and knowing some of the key aspects of this tool will help you greatly, so let’s see some of the things you should consider when picking a cordless impact wrench.

What goes behind the power of an impact wrench?

The power mechanics of impact wrenches imply that, on top of the rotational force, you also get regular impacts in the form of sheer impacts. This gives you a greater advantage with tasks in which torque just doesn’t cut it, particularly tightening that last bit and loosening rusty nuts and bolts.

What should you look in a cordless impact wrench?

As with all cordless power tools, one of the most important things to keep in mind should be the battery. You need a big battery that gives you good performance for a considerable time depending on the tool. For impact wrenches, there is a thin line between big enough and too big, particularly because in terms of performance, bigger isn’t always better.

This characteristic brings us to two other ones that we should consider, and they go hand in hand with a good battery: these are weight and balance of the tool. On one hand, the impact wrench should be heavy, but not too heavy that you can’t comfortably lift it with one hand. Here the determining factor depends not only on how big the battery is but also on how bulky the actual tool is. Balance, on the other hand, comes from a design perspective and it is all about how well-distributed the weight is. Most power tools are shaped like a gun, with elongated tips that are more or less the same length as the battery pack attached to the bottom of the handle. This makes it easier and more comfortable to operate, but it’s a double-edged sword that can also be detrimental to the total weight of the wrench.

Reactionary torque, lastly, is another thing that we should make note of. Testing before buying, if possible, should be done to avoid encountering ourselves with power wrenches that give out too much reactionary torque, thus putting our work and even ourselves in danger with the twisting motion that comes from prolonged uses when applying torque to fasteners. For more information and a choice you won’t regret, make sure to check these impact wrench reviews on

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